Leadership in Times of Emergencies and Disasters: A Training at YA Dondo

From 17 to 21 August 2020, a training took place at Young Africa Agro-Tech in Dondo, Mozambique. During five intense training days, twenty young people from our community in Dondo were trained by our partner FDC – Foundation of Development Cooperation.

The training is part of the wider YP3 programme, funded by the European Union, that is being implemented at Young Africa Mozambique. The training focused on increasing the capacity of young people in active leaderships in times of disasters and emergencies. Since the onset of COVID-19 students and the wider community of Young Africa face many uncertainties in their daily lives. With the help of this training we aim at empowering youth and their families to stay healthy and safe.

We invite the youths that took part in the training to become active agents of change in their communities. We aim at increasing their knowledge and capacities to participate, engage and initiate peacebuilding and change.


From group work and presentations, to youth talks and meditation sessions, with this training the participants are empowered to become champions in their community.