Digital Vocational Education and Training for Young Africans

Young Africa and SERVE have come together to create the ‘Digital Vocational Education and Training for Young Africans’ project. This project will take place in 2023 and 2024. Young Africa and SERVE have been working together since 2008.

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Coordinator Contact Details:
John McCarthy, Development Programme Manager, SERVE
T: +353214358800

What will this project achieve?
The highlights of the ‘Digital Vocational Education and Training for Young Africans’ project are building the eLearning platform and developing a Graduate Toolbox.
This project will reach over 8000 students. It will help young people reach their potential to fight poverty.
With this platform, Young Africa and SERVE will uphold the right to education for vulnerable youth across Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Namibia.

Who’s involved?
SERVE is an international development NGO based in Ireland who have been working in operation since 2003. SERVE’s work focuses on young people, especially in the area of vocational training and employment. SERVE have worked in partnership with Young Africa before on programmes such as the SERVE Development Programme (2016-2019) and the ongoing Skills for Youth Resilience Programme (2021-2024).
YA is a confederation of independent NGOs and includes YA International Netherlands, YA International Africa Hub (Zimbabwe), YA Zimbabwe, YA Mozambique, YA Zambia and YA Namibia. YA provides holistic and accredited VET to marginalised youth through 6-12 month training courses in 46 disciplines, life skills, entrepreneurship and ICT. YA has a dissemination network with 23 organisations across 11 African countries whereby it shares successful models of its work.

Who are the funders?
The D-VETYA Project is co-funded by the EU Erasmus+ Fund, SERVE and Young Africa.
Note: SERVE is the Coordinator, YA International (YA NL and YA Hub) are Beneficiaries, and the four YA Affiliates are Affiliated Entities. YA’s dissemination network will also benefit.

Objectives of the project
The objectives of the D-VETYA Project are:
(1) Coordinating implementation of the Project Workplan and achievement of Project Deliverables;
(2) YA’s eLearning Platform available for 8,150 disadvantaged youth across southern and Eastern Africa;
(3) YA’s Postgraduate Service Toolbox (PGST) contributes to a substantial increase in the percentage of YA graduates in employment;
(4) 4 YA Affiliates and 23 dissemination partners using the PGST across Africa;
(5) 2 new YA models (eLearning & PGST) will be integrated into the YA MEL system and 73 YA and dissemination partner staff trained in the MEL system leading to improved data driven performance;
(6) Evaluate the impact, successes, challenges and lessons learned of the Project; and
(7) Increase awareness about Digital VET in Africa amongst 50 policymakers and 3,500 members of the public in Ireland and the Netherlands.

The project will be delivered through the following five Work Packages:
(1) Coordination and Management;
(2) Development of the YA eLearning Platform;
(3) Development of the YA Postgraduate Service Toolbox
(4) Improvement of the YA Monitoring Evaluation and Learning System;
(5) Impact and Dissemination.

DVETYA Project Committee Terms of Reference
DVETYA Induction Meeting Report
DVETYA Communications & Dissemination Strategy
DVETYA Development of Key Indicators
DVETYA Report on Postgraduate Services in Vocational Training in Africa
DVETYA E-Learning Platform Pilot Phase Development

DVETYA Mid Term Review

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