The path of a donation to Young Africa 🌍

Young Africa

With your donation, you support our work. We handle your donation with care and responsibility and want to make sure that you know what happens after you donate with the transparency and security you deserve.


As a  Nonprofit organisation, Young Africa handles your donation with one objective, to generate the highest sustainable impact possible. We try our absolute best to disburse the maximum percentage of your donation to the projects and programs while keeping our running costs at a minimum. To visualise this, we provide you with some of the most important information on how much of each donation is directly invested in programs and projects and how much goes to human resources and administrative costs such as quality assurance measurements, innovation, logistics, office maintenance and others to make sure that your donation is used for sustainable youth empowerment. 

Please see in the following a small overview of how your donations are used:  

Your donation

  • 89%

    goes directly to activities to empower youth in Africa.


  • 11%

    goes to HR and administrative costs 


  • 96%

    of our HR costs are in Africa while only 4% are in Europe

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