How Fiquissone became a champion for peace

In our latest blog series “These are our champions for peace”, students  share heir experiences as they go through training at our centers in Mozambique. These young people are trained as champions, within the project Youth Power for Peace and Prosperity, to bring change in their community. Meet our first champion: Fiquissone, civil construction student, twenty-one and from Beira, Mozambique. 

“I choose to study civil construction after I seeing the damage that Cyclone Idai and Charlane had done in my community. It was heartbreaking, a lot of people were left homeless. Once I got the opportunity to be trained, I figured that if I could study civil construction, I could be able to help my family and my community at the same time.

Not only did I receive skills of the hands, but my whole life has been transformed. I can now use my voice to change my destiny. It feels good to be a capable and active young man. I have plans to continue working in my field. I see civil construction as a true form of art. Once I graduate, I want to start my own business and help other young people with the skills I have obtained.”


The YP3 project is a consortium between Young Africa International, Young Africa Mozambique and the Foundation for Community Development and is funded by The European Union. The project empowers youths with increased entrepreneurship and employability skills. That way youths have the ability to raise their voice and so they become agents of change in their community.