In the first week of March, dutch volunteer Cynthia Marida, started a CLEAN-up campaign on the campus of YA Chitungwiza. The campaign was centered on bringing about awareness of the environmental impact of waste pollution upon the land. Cynthia emphasized the need for people to stop throwing litter on the ground by promoting the use of bins which she strategically distributed around the center. 

On Friday all the students and staff then embarked on a CLEAN-up exercise that was structured and broken down to tasks / places that needed attention, such as the hostel area en outside the gate around the perimeter of the center. The CLEAN-up groups were divided by departments and the franchisees were each in charge of their respective groups so that they would execute the given tasks successfully in an organized manner.
During the CLEAN-up the students were entertained by music and refreshments were served afterwards. It was a successful exercise and everyone present agreed that the bin it campaign should now become an active culture within YA.

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