15 March 2019 Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi were hit by cyclone Idai. The devastation is worst in Mozambique, where the cyclone came to land in full power. For five days, we could not have any communication with anyone in Mozambique. Electricity and the phone netwerk are out of order and only slowly recovering. Luckily, it seems that all our staff and the youths staying at our hostels are fine. 

The damage is huge. This is what we know so far about the damage to the centres:

Young Africa Beira, which trains 1500 youths per annum Young Africa Agri-tech, Dondo, which trains 500 youths per annum
  • Hostel has lost its roof
  • School and administration block and hall have lost roof
  • On-campus restaurant is destroyed
  • Creche, stage, staff accommodation, store house, water towers and toilet blocks are all damaged
  • Multi-purpose hall has lost roof, doors and windows
  • School and administration blocks have lost roof, windows and some walls have fallen. All furniture, equipment within has perished
  • Hostel has lost 40 windows and several roof sheets
  • Cow sheds destroyed. Pig sys and poultry facilities are partially destroyed
  • Greenhouses are destroyed
  • 9 out of 11 guards houses are completely destroyed and other staff accommodation is damaged
  • 11 out of 12 solar panels destroyed
  • toilet blocks destroyed 

We ask you to support this emergency relief. Our Irish partnerorganisation SERVE has set up a campaign. All donations will be transferred to YA Mozambique. Click here to go to the donation page. With your donation, YA Mozambique will buy emergency relief (food, water, medicines, roof sheets) for staff and students who are staying at the training centres. 

Some before and after pictures of the devastation: 

Restaurant (on-the-job training for Catering students) So Magica at YA Beira

Moz D2142019 Dondo Idai 4

Administration block 

Moz D036IMG 20190326 WA0005

The poultry management training department at YA Dondo.
Moz D462IMG 20190326 WA0004

The hostel at YA Beira 
P1040806 12019 Dondo Idai


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