Training of Trainers in Life Skills Education (4 Days)

Are you a teacher of young people? Are you a youth leader or facilitator of youth focused community–based programmes? Do you want to truly empower young people as profoundly as possible? Life skills education forms an essential part in empowerment of young people; you play a role in making that happen. Training package and costs include a copy of the trainers, manual and student work book.

Dates 2017:  14 - 17 February 2017 and 29 August - 1 September
Price:            US$ 200 p.p. including meals, trainers’ manual and student workbook
Venue:          Young Africa HUB, Harare-Zimbabwe

Training in Youth Work (4 Days)

Would you like to deeply connect with young people and increase your impact on their development as a full human being? This course is for professionals working with youths. This training package is developed in partnership with Serve Solidarity and Youth Link, two Irish–based organisation that specialise in youth work.

Dates 2017: 13 - 16 June
Price:            US$ 200 p.p. including meals and materials
Venue:          Young Africa HUB in Harare-Zimbabwe

Introduction to Young Africa's Franchise Model (1 day)

The YA franchise model for delivering TVET has recently been identified by UNESCO-UNEVOC as a best-practice model in vocational training. Get a peak preview into its principles, management structures and functioning. Evaluate together with the facilitators whether this model would be applicable to your organisation.

Dates 2017: 23 March and 24 August
Price:            US$ 40 p.p. including meals
Venue:          Young Africa HUB, Harare-Zimbabwe

Tailor-made training packages on the franchise model and integral youth empowerment

The YA HUB is equipped to develop and deliver tailor-made curricula on a wide range of subjects. We have access to a large pool of experts to facilitate sessions, at any required level. Course developers are experienced in and passionate about business coaching, value-driven leadership, resilience building, personal profile development, cross-cultural communication, business ethics and much more. 

This package is a requirement for potential YA model License Holders. License holders would be organisations that intend to deliver vocational training using the Young Africa model.

Capacity building packages contain consultancy and coaching on the Young Africa franchise model, on integral youth empowerment and any vocational training and youth-work related topics. Packages are developed according to your needs and our standards. These trainings are aimed at a standard quality level of education and other services delivered to youth.

Dates:   On on-demand basis
Price:    US$ 500 per day (for teams up to 5 people excl. travel, boarding and lodging)
Venue:  Young Africa HUB, Harare-Zimbabwe

Organisational Sustainability (1 Day)

Do you want your work to continue? Do you want to be less dependent on donors? Learn from our model how your NGO can achieve financial and organisational sustainability.

Dates 2017: 20 April and 2 November
Price:            US$ 100 p.p. including meals and materials
Venue:          Young Africa HUB, Harare-Zimbabwe

Visionary Leadership (1 day or individual sessions)

Would you like to express more vision through your leadership? Be more convincing to your team? Manage more effectively? Learn how in this reflective seminar based on Robin Sharma’s “Leadership Wisdom”.

Dates 2017:  25 April
Price:            US$ 100 p.p. including meals and materials
Venue:          Young Africa HUB, Harare-Zimbabwe

Personal Effectiveness (1 day)

Would you like to enhance your personal power and be more effective in achieving your goals? This interactive seminar is based on Stephen Covey’s famous book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Dates 2017:  21 April and 3 November
Price:            US$ 100 p.p. including meals and materials
Venue:          Young Africa HUB, Harare-Zimbabwe

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