graduates in 2017.

What were the highlights of YA Mozambique in 2017? 
1. After many years of struggle, to equip the workshops because the machines were already 10 years old and most of them were obsolete, finally with JOBA financing, we equipped the Workshops with state-of-the-art equipment, thus improving the quality of training, and reducing the rationing of Student Machine; introduction of an electronic library.
2. Higher number of enrollments, which culminated with 1,128 Young graduates in 2017, Greater number of Women joined Professional training, we reached 54% of women in our formations, In some semesters we reached 60% of Women (Joba - Focus for Women).
3. With a very short period (7 months), we received a loan in the amount of 180.000 Pounds, we implemented, we reported, after the audits we had a positive feedback highlighting our internal structure.
4.Celebrating 10 years of Young Africa, we organized a 2-day event with roundtables for discussion, first-person success stories of the students, we rewarded 10 companies received by our students, with the presence of the Executive Director of YA International , Chairman of the Board of Directors of YA Zimbabwe and Mozambique, appointed public figures, Private Public Entities and civil society. We share with the guests the results achieved during these 10 years: Formed more than 13 thousand young people in several courses, reached sustainability in 106%, We inserted in the formal market 52% and we supported 27 Young people in self employment.
5. Introduction of 02 new courses, renewable energy and mechatronics.
6. Trainers trained in sign language and Braille.
7.Interview in a newspaper The Giden, which has more than 1,000 0000 spectators, we raise the name of YA internationally.

 10 years Beiragraduation 2017 lftw


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