Start 4th training centre in Zimbabwe
First week of August 2017, the first trainings started in rural Nyanga District, about 250km northeast of Harare, in Zimbabwe. This is the fourth training Centre of Young Africa in Zimbabwe, set up with funding from Red Chairity Foundation.

The Nyanga District is a rural area where people mainly live from subsistence farming, while the soil is suitable for intensive farming. There is a lot of poverty and limited options for employability and entrepreneurship in the district. That is why Young Africa decided to work together with a local NGO, Herbert Chitepo Trust. The Herbert Chitepo Trust, working with the local stakeholders have provided the land, where workshops are being set up for training.  At this site, Young Africa will set up (2017 - 2019) three vocational training departments: motor vehicle mechanics, welding and carpentry.  Horticulture and food processing training will be provided at facilities provided by the local school and a local jam manufacturing company respectively. Many students come from far away from the training site. Hostels on-site will also be constructed, to enable the studentst to stay at the Young Africa campus while they follow their training. 

While the construction of workshops is progressing, all trainings are happening at temporary locations while the workshops and classrooms are being renovated. To date, 40 students have been enrolled (8 female, 32 male). The maximum capacity per semester is 100 students. 

The training departments are franchised to local entrepreneurs. Five franchisees were recruited and trained in the Young Africa model. In this way, this training centre will, just like our other YA training centres, grow towards financial and organisational self-sustainability.

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