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 Give young people in Botswana a chance to dream! Contribute to the SHINE Festival, organised on the 13th and 20nd of August by Young Africa in Gaborone, Botswana. During the festival, young people will be given a podium on which they can express their creativity and experience how to built a better future for themselves. 

WHY. In an environment where there are a lot of poverty related issues and young people can not channel their abundant energy in something positive, a lot of young people get stuck in a vicious circle of risky behavior. 

Botswana stands at second place among countries with the most HIV-infected persons (25.2% of the total population) and there are an estimated 130,000 AIDS orphans. 26% of the population struggles to eat a nutritious meal. 67% of the female population have experienced domestic violence. 

But it is also a democratic country that is making significant progress to resolve its issues. Young Africa can really make a difference in Botswana! Over 60% of the population is under 30 years. Imagine this enormous potential.

ACTIVITIES. Young Africa wants to establish a SHINE Arts and Crafts Festival that will provide a podium for youth to show their talents but also to learn, get inspired and empowered.

The biggest social issue in Botswana is the huge unemployment rate, especially among the youth (about 35%). A lot of youngsters loiter around  the streets and parking lots with nothing to do and no vision for the future, leading to other serious social problems such as drinking and risky behavior.

We feel that we can contribute in breaking this vicious circle by stimulating the youth to discover and develop their talents through  expressing their creativity.

YOUR SUPPORT. Hundreds of youngsters will take part in the art performance 'Shine' on the 13th and 20th of August at Thapong Visual Arts Center, in making a huge art installation of national bird the lilac-breasted roller. This bird is one of the most beautiful and colorful birds in the world and has the colors of the Botswana flag. It will symbolize the potential and talents of the youth. It wings will be made of hundreds of pages, on which every youngster will describe his or her dream. Besides this there will be a podium for young people to showcase their talent in music, dance, poetry, standup comedy as well as art workshops for children. Also there will be lectures and information on making healthy choices and HIV. 

Your support will be used for buying the necessary materials to built the bird and also for the children's art workhops. We are collaborating with local companies in order to get the food and drinks sponsored. The festivals will be completely run by volunteers. 

Sustainability. There are plans to held a festival every month so thousands of young people can dream and built a better future for themselves. Others can rent a stall for a small amount to present their talents. Eventually, the rent of the stalls and the selling of food and beverages will cover the costs of the monthly festival.

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