Gift Mukonho
Gift Mukonho (29) grew up as an orphan under the custody of his maternal grandmother in the rural community of Chiendambuya. Growing up in this rural area became even harder after he had to drop out of school and start herding cows to earn a living for his grandmother and cousins. In 2009 his grandmother passed away and his uncles who took over his deceased grandmother’s homestead chased him away.
Gift relocated to Rusape (Makoni District) where he lived on the streets before being taken in by a sympathising family who lived with him as their own son. In March 2016, Gift heard about vocational skills training being offered by Young Africa with the support of European Union and he went to enquire. He was surprised to find out that having 4 years of secondary school education was not a requirement. Immediately, he selected catering which he said he enjoyed learning so much about cooking.
As part of the training Gift was required to attend 2 months industrial attachment. Equipped with life skills he had learnt he approached a local restaurant PanMart who were impressed with what he had learnt. After 1 month they were so mesmerized with his hard-work and innovative business ideas that they offered him full time employment. In his graduation testimony Gift said with teary eyes, “in my life l had never dreamt of wearing an ironed shirt and a polished pair of shoes. Young Africa and EU have transformed my life and everyone who knew me in this town is surprised at my transformation. I even have my own place to live’’.

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