Student Parliament founded at YA Zimbabwe
Young Africa Chitungwiza set up a Student Parliament (StuPa) that is going to run up to June 2017.The main purpose of setting the StuPa will create platform for young people to positively influence their learning environment by bringing in their ideas and needs to YA Management. This will also give the students responsibilities to take up leadership roles as they are also expected to lead student’s assemblies once every week. The StuPa is actually viewed as the student’s voice which will enable YA to incorporate the students’ views and concerns in programming so as to provide quality TVET and conducive learning environments for them. The parliament consists of 14 student representatives selected from all the departments by the students of the respective departments. The StuPa is led by the President, Vice President and the Treasurer and are bound by a constitution which they designed. The constitution details the roles of the Parliament, activities and expected capacity building amongst other things. The StuPa is expected to perform the following tasks; Maintenance and cleanness of YA campus; Volunteerism; Initiate and fundraise projects and activities on the campus and in the community; Decoration of YA Campus using Art; Lead the Friday assemblies; Deliberate with YA staff over YA programs; events and decisions and influence to effect the changes they want on the campus. The setting up of the StuPa was facilitated by two volunteer students at YA from the Netherlands; Linus Fahr and Constantine David.

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