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We, Maarten and Jelena, moved to Botswana with our two daughters in March 2016. In the capital city, Gaborone, we are setting up a vocational training centre for the underprivileged youth. Our goal is to launch the first educational department, namely ICT, in the first semester of 2018.

However, in the meantime we are busy giving Life Skills training to the youth of Botswana. During these classes the youth learns a lot of different and interesting things, for example: how do I give feedback and how do I deal with criticism? What are healthy relationships and how can I deal with domestic violence? What kind of rights do I have and how can I prevent sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV/aids? These kind of Life Skills are really important and needed. The HIV/aids epidemic has had an huge impact on Botswana, and as a consequence a whole generation was severely affected. Currently almost 60% of the citizens in Botswana are under the age of 30. Another result of the HIV/aids epidemic is that a lot of youngsters grow up without (or only with one) of their parents. With your help we can teach these youngsters the Life Skills they need.

In the beginning of 2018 we want to start with Life Skills training to at least 180 teenagers. Not only will we teach the youth the Life Skills they need, but we will also give Life Skills training to teachers of several high schools. By doing so, the teachers will be able to implement the Life Skills training in their regular teaching programs.

HIV/AIDS in Botswana.
In the current centres in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia, Life Skills training has proved itself to be a very effective tool to prevent HIV/aids. More than 90% of the students indicates that after the Life Skills training they are more cautious when it comes to making decisions that involve HIV/aids.

Botswana urgently needs a preventive tool against HIV/aids, since almost 23% of the citizens is infected. Most of the youth in Botswana has unprotected sex, which is a very concerning matter. A lot of young men believe that they actually can cure themselves of HIV/aids when they have intercourse with young girls. Furthermore it is also very normal for a man in Botswana to have not one, but multiple wives.

The Life Skills training focuses on the following topics:
  • Reducing the HIV stigma and the discrimination around HIV.
  • Misconceptions about HIV/aids and provide teachers and students with the correct information.
  • Giving sexual education about having safe sex and healthy relationships.
  • Reducing the vulnerability of (young) girls.
Why we need... you!
Funding is definitely needed in order to be able to purchase the Life Skills (work)books to start the training of the youth of Botswana. Not only the youth but also teachers of 8 different high schools will be taught life skills training to help them 
integrate the Life Skills training into their programs. 

Go to our GoFundMe website to donate directly. 

We would like to thank you for supporting this cause through:
  • 5 euros: For a monthly donation of €5 you will receive a handmade comis strip made by Jelena every two weeks. 
  • 10 euros: Your name will be displayed on the website of Young Africa.
  • 20 euros: A handmade comic strip made by Jelena will be send to you. Jelena is an artist and she creates strips about the life of her and her family living in Botswana.
  • 30 euros:  - For the Dutch citizens: You will receive a handmade African statue. 
                      -  For the non-Dutch citizens: You will receive a personalized drawing from one of the students attending the Art Class, taught by Jelena.
  • 50 euros: Your name will be drawn on the wall of the training center in Botswana.

    We believe in you and in the future of the youth of Botswana!

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