Sunny future for youngsters at YA Namibia
Maxx-solar academy offers solar photovoltaic trainings at Young Africa, Walvis Bay. The energy situation has never really been easy in Sub-Sahara Africa, and the blackouts in the last days cast dark shadows on the future of the Namibian energy market. What we know for sure is that the electricity price will increase. All these problems will affect the industry as well as the private households and create great market opportunities for the solar community. So it’s nothing new to say that solar energy, together with independence and secure supply will soon become a top selling product. But to benefit from these market conditions, solar companies need more than just a few panels and screws. Precise planning and design is the key to well operating PV systems and to make a business as sustainable as the green energy it is selling. To build up the Namibian solar market and support excellent quality installations, Dirk Bellens, the founder of Young Africa Namibia and Leonhard Eins of @Solsquare Energy Namibia (PTY) Ltd decided to join forces with the maxx-solar academy. Maxx-solar academy was one of the first training institutes for solar power in South Africa. Since 2011 they have trained more than 1000 participants in South Africa and now partnered up with four different partners to bring the academy to Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho as well. All trainings in the maxx-solar academy focus on practical application, the participants do a lot of hands-on exercises and the trainers mostly work in the field themselves and can teach the participants real life cases. What differs the maxx-solar academy from other training providers is its broad alumni network. The training itself is independent but if the participants want to get support with the founding of their own solar company, maxx-solar energy (PTY) Ltd offers frequent alumni meetings, networking events and helps with the planning and design of first projects. The first training that was offered at the Young Africa Skills Centre in Walvis Bay was the Sunrise Intermediate Course, a basic course with all foundations of solar PV, and the Solar Power Designer course, a professional course to learn exact planning and design of PV systems. The training was offered by Young Africa Namibia Director Dirk Bellens. The Sunrise Intermediate course is designed for business founders, electricians and electrical engineers who want to enter the solar branch or are already working and want to freshen up their basic knowledge or send new employees for training. The participants will get an introduction in the electro technical basics, the functionality of PV systems including a first introduction into dimensioning of grid-tied small PV system. It is a two-day course for N$3,850 only.

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