globalcitizenshipWelcome to the Young Africa Family!
YA is grateful to have worked with so many volunteers and we acknowledge that our volunteers are indispensable. We continue to look for volunteers who would you like to donate their talent and time towards educating 500,000 young people in the next ten years. We have outlined below a few of the opportunities that might suit you.

1. Volunteer in Southern Africa:
Dozens of volunteers have either worked individually, in duos or in a group at our centres. Your tasks will be customised according to your talents, interests and experience. Former volunteers for example have helped with painting and decorating workshops, organising arts festivals or organising the administrative systems. We regularly have exciting opportunities to volunteer at our centres in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and with our team in Botswana. We offer an interesting stay in one of the volunteer’s houses on the premises of a Young Africa Skills Training Centre. Young Africa International acts as a go between for volunteers and the Young Africa organisations in the South.

2. Internship, research or graduation thesis: theorieveranderingjongeren

With six training centres and two offices (in the Netherlands and Zimbabwe), YA is a dynamic organisation with a lot going on. There are plenty internship or research opportunities and we can work something out based on the level of your formal education.

3. Volunteer from your hometown: 
Get in touch with us is you want to contribute to YA from your hometown by way of volunteering your time  and/or expertise. 

4. Use your network:
We have found great success in reaching out to our alma maters and collaborating with various companies and schools. In our experience, students learn more about the living conditions of their peers in southern Africa through workshops and development education. We ensure that all the donations received at these events is 100% donated to one of the projects. If you'd like to speak of YA within your network get in touch with us and we can discuss a plan.

What do we offer:
We find it very important that everyone in our organisation works with passion and fun. That’s why we offer an informal working environment in which you can decide what your motivational factors are and where you can contribute. Of course you get all the support you need! Get involved and become part of the YA Family!

Get in touch with us: 
- To stay a minimum of three months
- Have a stable health
- Minimum age of 21
- Pay for your own travel and expenses 
- For Mozambique, a basic knowledge of Portuguese

Do you want more information about the possibilities or do you know exactly what you want to do? Get in touch with Karina McGinley, our international volunteer coordinator, by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Young Africa International - The HUB
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