Young Africa believes in the transformative power of young people and in the potential of Africa.

Young Africa invests in young people through skills training in combination with Life skills training, entrepreneurship training and talent development.

We offer an innovative, high impact solution to youth unemployment. This year, Young Africa has been awarded a UNESCO-UNEVO recognition for promising practice.

Integral approach to Youth development

Young Africa’s offers young people integral development: teaching skills of the hand to be self-reliant, skills of heart and mind to live with dignity, skills of the soul to live with purpose. Vocational training plus business skills plus life skills make youths (self-) employable.
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Young Africa Life skills education
Life skills education forms an essential part of our training programs. Young Africa has developed her own Young Africa Life Skills Manual and Life Skills Student work book.

The 26 lesson program is offered as a cycle, focusing first on personal growth (ME), covering topics such as goal-setting, building self-confidence, taking responsibility and HIV/AIDS. It then shifts to interpersonal development (US), talking about communication, empathy, sexuality, love, gender and standing up for yourself. The third part covers issues that create social awareness, to be an agent in the world you live in (ALL) with lessons on leadership, human rights, domestic violence, creation of the ideal society, national budget awareness and a simulation game on the impact of war and peace. The cycle is closed returning to personal development (ME) with an interreligious session on God and shaping the future.
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Franchise model for organizational and financial sustainability

Every training center is set up as a social enterprise, where local entrepreneurs hire a vocational training department, run their business and provide skills training at the same time. The rents from all these departments cover the operational costs of a training center. Within five till eight years after the vocational training departments have been set up, our training centers become financially self-sustainable. The franchise model therefore offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to youth unemployment.
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Young Africa currently works in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. As Young Africa scales up to reach new people and places in Southern Africa we now are in the process of setting up Young Africa SA.

Watch this short video in which our founder and Executive Director Dorien Beurskens explains why we do what we do and how we do it.

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