YA Botswana present at Ministry of Youth and Sports event
On Friday the 12th of May 2017, the Ministry Youth Sports and Culture in Botswana was relaunching the new name and Young Africa Botswana was invited to take part in it as an important stakeholder. We are grateful for this cause it gave us the opportunity to get in contact with a lot of young people and announce our vision and plans.

We have asked the youth to write what they feel that Batswana youth need the most to be empowered and made photos of them holding their answers. We have also made a model of our future centre in G- West in order to make it easier to visualise what we are going to do and invited them to post their wishes. We were honoured by the attention of the Hon. Minister Olopeng and other officials like the Director of Youth Mr. Lawrence Ookeditse.

We are so inspired by all answers! Stay updated about Young Africa in Botswana through their Facebookpage


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