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All Young Africa centres and programmes are embedded in the society they aim to serve. In every country Young Africa works, YA branches are set up as independent NGOs. Young Africa Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana are owners of the respective Young Africa Skills Training Centres. All NGOs have the same organisational structure, with their own Board of Trustees. The Trust or association is the legal owner of the centres and monitors them, supported by a Management Board. Each centre has its own local team consisting of a director, administrator, programme coordinator and marketing officer. This team reports to the Management Board and Board of Trustees. In 2017, we have five YA Branches: Young Africa Zimbabwe, Young Africa Mozambique, Young Africa Namibia, Young Africa Botswana and Young Africa Zambia

The YA Branches are responsible for generating their own income to cover their exploitation costs after the investment in (re-) building the training centre is made by Young Africa. A big part of their exploitation costs is covered through the Franchise Method. The local teams are kept as compact as possible, because the local entrepreneurs take care of the vocational trainings. They are hired as franchisees and rent a workshop from the training centre. That is why they are not included in the Payroll. 

Extra funds needed for, inter alia, maintenance and replacement of machines are raised by the local teams themselves. Young Africa International stays involved at a distance (affiliation structure), by supporting the YA Branches and monitor quality.

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