The most important results of Young Africa:

* 6 Skills training centres are up and running

* Expansion to Botswana and Zambia in 2016

* 33,000 Youngsters trained in vocational skills since 1998

* An average of 1000 beneficiaries per year per country

* Evaluations have shown that at least 83% of the graduates are economically active of which 32% are self-employed

* 90% of graduates makes responsible choices in regard to HIV/AIDS

* 51.6% of graduates are female 

* Young Africa's unique method nominated by UNESCO/UNEVOC as one of the thirteen most promising TVET practices around the world

* Young Africa model replicable, training packages available at YA HUB

* Young Africa Life Skills Manual published and available to other organisations

* YA Beira: 110% self-reliance (running costs covered by income centre) YA Zimbabwe: 83% self-reliance

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