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  • Organisation Structure

    Organisation Structure

    Young Africa is a confederation of independently and locally registered affiliated organisations. They all operate under the name Young Africa. Each affiliate runs skills centres, youth (self-) employment programmes and community activities in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana. The founding organisation of Young Africa is Young Africa International (YA), based in the Netherlands. The board of YA International sets up the framework in which the different Young Africa affiliates work and guides the policy of the local Young Africa branches so that they operate within the mission and vision of Young Africa. The board of Young Africa International is advised by the founders of Young Africa. They are the Executive Directors who shape the strategy and uphold the spirit of Young Africa.

    Young Africa International works with a small team in the Netherlands and in Zimbabwe, supported by a large network of volunteers. Therefore, we keep our organisational costs low and at least 90% of all donations go directly towards our projects.


  • Young Africa HUB

    Young Africa HUB

    The Young Africa HUB is located in Harare, Zimbabwe and is part of Young Africa International. The Executive Directors are located at the HUB. The HUB: - monitors the operations; - takes care of the coherence of all YA branches; - implement the scaling strategy - disseminates the YA model and monitors and evaluates progress and impact; - selects and trains new YA project coordinators; - controls quality and further builds capacity of existing YA teams; - advocates for youth entrepreneurship & employability skills.

    YA Hub offers its experience and expertise through capacity building activities and support services to potential partner organisations – on a consultancy basis. Click here to read more about our existing training programmes and consultancy services.

  • Young Africa International - Netherlands

    Young Africa International - Netherlands

    Young Africa International was founded in 1998 in the Netherlands as a foundation, registered with Chamber of Commerce with number 08077496. The foundation is officially acknowledged by ANBI (fiscal number 8068.23.598) and has not more than 10% overhead costs. The office in the Netherlands has the following tasks:
    - Raising funds;
    - Giving technical support to YA branches for the financial administration;
    - Developing and executing of PR and other communications;
    - Expanding network and disseminating the YA model;
    - Coordination of volunteer activities.

    Click here to read more about YA Netherlands.

  • Young Africa Branches

    Young Africa Branches

    All Young Africa centres and programmes are embedded in the society they aim to serve. In every country Young Africa works, YA branches are set up as independent NGOs. Young Africa Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana are owners of the respective Young Africa Skills Training Centres. All NGOs have the same organisational structure. The Trust or association is the legal owner of the centres and monitors them, supported by a Management Board. Each centre has its own local team consisting of a director, administrator, programme coordinator and marketing officer. This team reports to the Management Board and Board of Trustees.

    Visit each of our locations here.


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