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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Farmer Outreach at Dondo:
The Farmer Outreach Programme at Young Africa Agri-Tech in Dondo, in association with GAPI, provides seminars on farming techniques and entrepreneurship for small farmers in the local community. Special focus is in on female farmers, who carry out the majority of subsistence farming work in the area.

The crèche at Young Africa Beira is available to students, staff and the community. It features modern facilities and a dedicated team of childcare professionals and students.

Internet and Library Facilities: 
Internet and library facilities are available to students at YA Beira and YA Dondo. The information centre at YA Beira can also be used by the community for a small fee.

The Department of Culinary and Hospitality at Young Africa Beira operates through the on-campus restaurant 'Só Magia'. The restaurant is open 8.00-19.30 Monday to Saturday and caters for students, staff and the community.

Sports and Arts Festivals take place at both centres throughout the year, with thousands of participants taking part in the activities.



New Courses:
YA Beira has introduced courses in Heavy Machinery Operations and Camera Operation.

Centre Facilities:
YA Agri-Tech, Dondo has prepared 20 hectares of land for training purposes. The centre has also installed a 'drip irrigation' system with assistance from PUM in the Netherlands.

YA Agri-Tech, Dondo has an IT Lab with help of Deltion College in the Netherlands and SERVE volunteers from Ireland. This centre has also constructed hostels and refectory with help from EU.

YA Beira is more accessible for students with disabilities with the construction of new ramps.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

YA Mozambique seeks international volunteers and global goodwill-ambassadors. Please click here for opportunities.
Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

All centres offer vocational training with integrated life skills & entrepreneurship development. Besides this standard programme the YA training centres may implement other relevant youth empowerment programmes.

Other Youth Empowerment Programmes at YA Mozambique

Hostel Programmes (Beira and Dondo):
The hostel at Young Africa Beira, with a full-time support staff, has the space for 24 young girls to take part in the two-year Hostel Programme, with full-time support staff. Student residents at the Hostel can learn a trade or finish secondary school, while availing of Life Skills training and other programmes to help them learn to live independently.

YA Mozambique has opened two hostels in 2016, one for 64 girls and one for 64 boys at Agri-Tech Dondo. The hostels provide access training for young people with disabilities and for students from rural areas.

Entrepreneurship fairs and offering training to industries: 
YA Mozambique organises an annual Entrepreneurship Fair that enables its students to showcase their work to local entrepreneurs and representatives of local industries. In addition to this YA Mozambique proactively engages with various companies through customised training programmes for their employees.

Introducing new courses for students:
With a view to stay in touch with industry needs, YA Mozambique has introduced courses. This ensures that students have increased employment opportunities. 

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