These Students Are Skilled For the Future Of Mozambique

In March around 318 students enrolled for training under the Skills2Live programme in Mozambique. Around 165 young people have started training in different trades at our centre in Beira. At our on-site hostel 99 girls of this group are guaranteed safety and comfort during their stay while being trained. So they can pursue then dreams and become empowered women.

Via our mobile training component another 153 young people are trained in the Montepeuz and Chiure districts in Cabo Delgado in Mozambique. The students are trained by local craftsman in trades such as poultry, car mechanics, carpentry, hairdressing and cake baking.

Through our Skills2Live programme we empower youth with access to vocational, entrepreneurial and life skills training to reach their full potential and make healthy life choices.

Skills2Live is a partnership between Frontline AIDS, International Organization for Migration Mozambique and ideiaLab and is funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Mozambique.