Immanuel Indongo

Immanuel Indongo

My name is Immanuel Indongo and I am a proud graduate of Young Africa Namibia.

I was born on the 8th of July 1992. Raised in Onelago Village, Oshana Region by my grandmother, I attended Elago Combined School until Grade 10, and after failing, I almost lost all hope.

In 2012, I completed an Electrical Installation and Basic Repair at Kayec Ondangwa. Even though I had attained my certificate, it wasn't any easier trying to get a job.In February 2013, I moved to Windhoek in an attempt to increase my chances of finding a job but at first, my attempts were in vain.

I was advised to apply for a job at Namibian Protective Services (NPS) as I continue my search for a job in the electrical field. Finally, in September 2013, I received an opportunity to prove myself at Orujaveze Solar CC as a Installer/Technician. Thanks to the training I received at KAYEC, it wasn't a hard adjustment and, with the help of my seniors, I thrived and gained experience in more than just Solar Electricity Installations. I also learnt the basics on how to install Solar Geysers and other electrical appliances.

My Employer and Mentor, Wapale Kalla, urged me to apply for a spot at Young Africa to further my education and up my qualifications, which is by far the best move I've made in my life. With my new found knowledge, I have been promoted from a technician to a Systems designer and now I oversee all the jobs being done and assist the newcomers in the company by teaching them new techniques. 

Thanks to Young Africa, the Future looks brighter than ever.

Simeon Kamati

Simeon Kamati

My name is Simeon Kamati. I am 23 years old and come from Northern Namibia. In 2015 I completed grade 12, however I did not pass. Shortly after completing grade 12 my mother died and I moved in with my aunt in Walvis Bay. I started working on an off as a casual worker at the harbor.

In June 2016 I heard about the Solar Technology course at Young Africa, Walvis Bay. When I was in school I wanted to be an electrician. I asked my aunt if I could enroll in the course, she agreed as long as I promised to work very hard. In the end, I passed with distinction and graduated top of the class. Just two months after my graduation I got a job at Taati Solar. Here I work as a technician for solar installations.

I really thank Young Africa as it was their certificate and their contact with the employer that secured the job for me. Young Africa has changed my life. The Solar Training and the Life Skills training both helped me. I now have the technical skills in solar technology and the personal and interpersonal skills to be successful in my job.

Isabella Ekongo

Isabella Ekongo

Isabella Ekongo completed a five-month course in Solar Technology at YA Namibia in 2014. She is now working for a solar company in the north of Namibia. Isabella says, “Young Africa has built my self-esteem, having equipped me with the skills and confidence to build a career in solar technology. I see myself going far in this industry, with a long-term goal to set up my own company and employing unemployed youths.”

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