Our consultancy services are coordinated and facilitated by the following team of experts with passion, experience and qualifications in youth development work, research and capacity building trainings: 

Raj A. Joseph
Raj A. Joseph is co-founder and Executive Director of Young Africa. He is responsible for the development and logistical management of most of the YA training centres. He is a visionary and accomplished teacher.

Dorien Beurskens
Dorien Beurskens is co-founder and Executive Director of Young Africa. She is an expert in project design, institutional capacity building and youth empowerment.

Mahara Goteka
Mahara Goteka is Programme Officer of Young Africa International. He is specialised in education, community development, monitoring and evaluation, gender, disability inclusion and project management.

Karina McGinley
Karina McGinley is our Monitoring and Evaluation specialist. She is specialised in monitoring and evaluation and project management.

Memory Munema
Memory Munema is our administrative officer at the YA HUB.


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