This is Francisco, a hero of Young Africa

In the series ‘Meet The Heroes of Young Africa” we get to know graduates and learn about their drives to join Young Africa, their passions and their ambitions in life. Meet Francisco, twenty-six, from Beira, Mozambique. 

My name is Francisco and I am born in the city of Beira. My life’s story is no different from the stories I hear in my community. Growing up, we faced various challenges. When I was younger, I made so a lot of bad decisions. Unfortunately, this ended up becoming a father at a young age. The parents of the girl forced me to stay with her. I was seventeen when I became a father. To meet the new responsibilities in my life, I started working in casual labour to support my family. My salary however, was not enough to meet my own needs and those of my family.

Because of the busy life I had at the time, it was very difficult to think about professional development. I felt I didn’t possess the right knowledge to get ahead. I also talked with my parents about my issues, unfortunately they did not approve of me wanting to quit my job to continue studying. We had a hard time understanding each other during this proces. 

I had to be persistent and follow my hear. So in 2018 I joined Young Africa Agri-Tech in Dondo, Mozambique. I chose to do a training in agriculture as I had no source of income at the time. I faced enormous challenges in paying tuition fees while at the same time meeting my family’s needs.

After this hectic period of my life, and as soon as I finished my TVET training, I was invited by Young Africa Mozambique and in partnership with GIZ to continue to develop myself.  I was considered one of the best trainees, so I was selected to work at Luterari as an agricultural extensionist. A while later I was allocated to work in the various the districts of Nhamatanda, Gorongosa and Buzi. 

Thanks to my own dedication and perseverance, I was recently promoted from extensionist to field supervisor. I finally feel independent, have income, and am able to take care of my family, my parents and my in-laws.“.

At Young Africa we envision a world where education for all youth is the new status quo. We have trained up to 40.000 youth and are determined to train many more across Southern Africa.

*Please note that Francisco is not shown in these photos.