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Building Young Africa SA

Building Young Africa SA

On November 7th 2017 Young Africa SA was registered as a social enterprise, a non-profit company (NPC) in Johannesburg with the following objectives:

Tackling the problem of youth unemployment in South Africa and empowering South Africa’s less privileged youths aged 15-25 through Young Africa’s Integral Youth Empowerment Program:
  • Vocational skills training in technical and commercial trades applying the YA franchise business model or through   industry-attached programs;
  • Life skills education and small enterprise development services;
  • Academic coaching and examination to pass threshold for secondary education;
  • Promotion of talents in arts and sports;
  • Targeting youths with disabilities and addressing gendered vulnerabilities of disadvantaged girls and young mothers.


Young Africa SA will start her skills training programs in Johannesburg. Currently we are looking at the townships Diepsloot, Alexandra and Soweto to set up a:

  1. Greentech (Green Campus) offering: Center-based vocational/artisan skills training in Renewables (solar panels, solar water heaters, all off-grid), Water (clean drinking water, hot water), Sanitation, Building (sustainable, locally resourced) and Industry-attached programs.
  2. Business school and ‘Bizzy’ Internetcafe offering: ICT lessons, Entrepreneurship training, Marketing & Communication, Customer Services, Insurance and Banking
  3. Art school offering: Drama and Sports.
Of course we are looking to provide other training and employment services in co-operation with the private sector, local NGO's, (inter)national donors and the government.

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