Young Africa - Mozambique

Young Africa Mozambique offers technical vocational training with integrated life skills, ICT, English and entrepreneurship development. The centres in Beira and Dondo are at the heart of the local community where hundreds of students graduate per year. The centre in Beira teaches mainly technical and commercial courses, whereas the centre in Dondo is entirely directed towards training in agricultural skills, with a 200 hectare farm attached.

Young Africa Mozambique has two fully fledged training centres. The first centre was set up just outside of Beira, which is Mozambique’s second biggest city. In 2014, Young Africa Agri-Tech was set up in Dondo, a rural zone 25 km from Beira.

Young Africa Beira offers vocational skills training with integrated life skills, entrepreneurship and ICT training. And offers courses in commercial and technical trades.

Young Africa Agri-Tech in Dondo has 200 hectares of land for agricultural purposes. The centre offers agricultural courses. There is a hostel on-site for students from rural areas and for students with disabilities. The training goes hand in hand with the production of meat, milk and dry products, harvesting of different fruits and vegetables, and sheltering of different animals, like cows, goats and chickens. Young Africa Agri-Tech also provides entrepreneurship opportunities and training for young farmers across the entire food value chain.

Aksana Verala joined the team in Mozambique in 2008 and has been a dedicated country director since 2011. She has a Degree in Economics at the University of Beira, after that gained her work experience in financial departments of various organizations.

There are many things I love about my work at Young Africa. But especially changing the lives of the young people. I love to work with young people and Young Africa is an excellent project to work for.
Aksana Verala Young Africa Mozambique

Our centre in Mozambique has
different departments where we
offer various courses:

  • Metal works department
  • Mechanics Department
  • Culinary Skills Department
  • Fashion and Cosmetology Department
  • Commercial, IT and Business Department
  • Agriculture Department
  • Animal Husbandry and Pisciculuture Department
  • English and IT department.