What we do

We believe that channeling the dynamic energy of young people is the most impactful investment in a better world. By investing in youth they become ambassadors of change in their society.

Young Africa

We want youth to reach their full potential and believe that all aspects of their personality and talents need to be nurtured.

We target young people between 15 and 25 who either:

  1. Are academically not qualified to attend a formal technical training programme.
  2. Are financially unable to pay for tertiary education.
  3. Would be unable to attend training, unless they also have a place to stay while in training (orphans, street children, youths from far).

We work through two innovative concepts: our integral approach to youth development and our franchise model.

We work according to our own DNA. We believe young people are the best start to make the world a better place.

  1. We invest in the abundant potential of young people
  2. We offer them an integral set of skills to develop themselves
  3. They will assume responsibility and are guided by our motto: “if it is to be, it is up to me”
  4. Our centres achieve self-sustainability by our unique franchise model
  5. We act locally. All our centres are run by local teams, have local management and are owned by local bodies
  6. We are embedded in society. Centres reach out to their communities through activities, events and services.

Why we act

  • 60%

    of Africa’s population is under 25 years old

  • 66%

    Two thirds of them do not have a fixed job

  • 70%

    of Africa’s population live in rural areas far removed from formal training possibilities

It is proven that The Young Africa approach and franchise model works for us. We have trained youth and after graduation they have secured jobs or stated their own businesses. It is exciting to see the change in our students
Habitat Humanity in Malawi
Humanity in Malawi
Young Africa has built my self-esteem, having equipped me with the skills and confidence to build a career in solar technology.
Isabella Young Africa Mozambique
Young Africa Mozambique
I also gained life skills. This has been very good for me. I have realised that the value of working hard to be successful.
Kudzai Young Africa Zimbabwe
Young Africa Zimbabwe
I am now an independent empowered girl and I am now acquiring assets in my own name. I can now help taking care of my mother and my siblings who are at school.
Miriam Young Africa Zimbabwe
Young Africa Zimbabwe

Our integral approach to youth development

We deliver training at three different levels:

  1. Through formal Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET).
  2. Through informal professional training with our own Young Africa certification.
  3. Through short-term skills courses in a specific trade.

At Young Africa we train students either at our skills centres or in pop-up skills centres that are served by our mobile training units.

A course always consists of 70% practical and 30% theoretical training and is integrated with mandatory life skills education, entrepreneurship training and ICT lessons. Training takes three to twelve months.
With this integrated set of skills, students are empowered to bring positive change in their own lives and in the lives of those in their communities.

Life Skills Education

Our tried and tested Life Skills curriculum was developed in-house. It encourages young people to grow in self- confidence, it enhances their soft skills and empowers them to make healthy life choices.

Entrepreneurship Training

Students learn what it takes to set up and maintain a small-scale enterprise. This prepares upcoming graduates to start their own small business and equips them with knowledge to earn a living.


In our ICT classes, all students learn the basic computer skills they need in all the different trades we offer.

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We are rooted in the local community. Our centres offer:

  • Hostels for disadvantaged youth and youth from rural areas
  • On-site crèches that provide Young Africa students, staff members and local families with a safe and educational place for their children during the day
  • Two fully-accredited secondary schools at Young Africa Zimbabwe where students can take O’ and A’ Level lessons and exams
  • Libraries, internet cafés and youth clubs.
The Young Africa franchise model is what makes us unique

It all starts with a student

Students pay fees for the training. The fee goes mostly to the entrepreneur who delivers the training in her/his workshop on-campus. Students get hands-on experience in their trade. After their course, students go for internships off-campus.

Franchisees are at the heart of each centre

Local entrepreneurs franchise a well-equipped business unit at the centre, where s/he runs a company. In the production process they train the students. The franchisee pays a monthly fee for using the YA facilities. Young Africa backs them up with capacity support and services.

Operations is in the hands of local centre management

The centre builds up training facilities including workshop units, maintains the facilities at the centre and provides complementary training to students in life skills, entrepreneurship, ICT and English. The centre management coordinates the training and monitors quality and implementation of the Young Africa model.


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