In the weekend of 10 and 11 September 2016, the Young Africa Arts Festival 2016 at Chitungwiza took place. The festival is a platform that nurtures local talent and opens up the centre to the young people in the commuity. Young Africa theory of change believes in harnessing the abundant energy and playfulness of youth, to be constructive, is the most sensible investment for a better world.

For the first time the Young Africa Arts Festival was a held outside of campus on the Unit L Council grounds behind the YA workshops. National AIDS Council, the main sponsor asked us to combine our Arts Festival with other youth festivals that would have been held in Chitungwiza in order to reach out to many more young people on HIV/AIDS issues.  This resulted in us working together with Population Services International, Youth Advocates, ZICHIRE and Population Services Zimbabwe. The theme for the festival was “Celebrate Life: Zero Aids Related Deaths”.  Mhodzi Trust and International Theatre Trust gave workshops over the 2 days in singing, dancing, theatre and poetry. In addition, they also judged the various competitions. On Saturday 10 September 2016 the major highlight of the Arts festival 2016 was the performance of the popularly known musician Killer T who drew a crowd of over 1000 people. The Festival was attended by the CEO of National AIDS Council, Dr Magura on Saturday who was very pleased and pledged to continue working with Young Africa on AIDS related issues. On the Sunday, Mathias Mhere, a famous gospel singer was not to be out done with a stunning performance and also drawing the same size crowd. The festival was not only about the talent identification but a place where young people got information and services on STI screening, HIV testing, cancer screening, male circumcision and family planning. 

We had amazing artist performing, see Windy President in action:

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