Young Africa - Our Team

Young Africa International is managed by co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Dorien Beurskens. Mahara Goteka is appointed as Head of Programmes and Phillip Wannell is the Head of Operations. The three of them together formed the Management Board. 

They manage the team of Young Africa International, working at two locations: the Young Africa International Headquarters in Harare-Zimbabwe with 14 staff members and the support office in Amsterdam-The Netherlands with 3 staff members. Co-founder Raj A. Joseph serves as advisor to the management.

Good Governance

Young Africa (1998), founded by Young Africa International, is a confederation of independently and locally registered affiliated branches. Each affiliate operates by the same quality requirements, model and the name of Young Africa. Young Africa International sets up frameworks by which the local branches operate. The relationship between the two parties is described in the mutually signed Affiliate Agreement.

We implement a governance structure that reflects a relationship of equity and co-creation between Young Africa International and the affiliated branches. In a deliberate effort to share the power between the Global South and North, we implement a horizontal organistational structure. A significant element in our governance is the merger of the previously existing supervisory board of Young Africa International in The Netherlands with the YA International HUB Trust in Zimbabwe. The new board supervises the management and operations of Young Africa International as one body, guided by a common constitution.

The board has the following non-executive members:

  • Godfrey T. Manhambara – Chair: group chief executive officer Beta Holding; board member since september 2015
  • Frans van Midde: internal auditor at Oxam Novib; board member since 1 April 2019
  • Hilke Tol: independent organisational consultant/interim manager and Manager Expert Relations at Women on Wings; board member since 1 April 2019
  • Stefan van der Swaluw: head of programmes and institutional funding at SOS Children’s Villages; board member since 1 September 2018
  • Eduard Holtz: director of Bank J Safra Sarasin; board member since 1 April 2019
  • Kees Cluistra: business controller at Vialis; board member since 1 September 2018
  • Bas Beek: integration director at Cordaid: board member since May 2014