Mary is building a better life for her and her family🙌

Mary Ntinda grew up just outside the city of Otjiwarongo in Namibia. Gowing up Mary had to quit her secondary education as she needed to help out at home and take care of her two younger brothers. At that time, the now 27-year-old woman had a very difficult time finding any kind of paid work.                           

Living around Otjiwarongo Mary knew about Young Africa and their technical vocational training. One day she applied and managed to receive a scholarship to study construction at the YA TVET Center. Her training took 6 months and she graduated as the best student in her class. After graduating Mary managed to get a job at one of the best companies in Otjiwarongo, where she did her internship. She now has money to afford her own place in the city and is able to support her two younger brothers in finishing their secondary education.

Young Africa played a major role in transforming her life by equipping her with skills for employability and entrepreneurship. Mary had the power to make a big change in her life. 

Join the spirit of empowerment and create impact together with Young Africa. 

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