Luís Pedro is prepared to feed the world 🌽

Growing up Luís Pedro Domingos (23 years) had a hard life. He moved to stay with his grandmother in the city of Dondo at the age of two, later he was forced to leave school and search for means to support the household expenses for his 
While working as a currier at a local company between Dondo and Beira Luís heard about a scholarship
program offered by Young Africa from a friend.

‘’I wanted to change my life and that of my family so when I heard about the scholarship program
offered by Young Africa Agri-Tech in Dondo I was thrilled. I walked 5km from the city to the Vocational
Training Center and applied for the scholarship program. A couple of days later I received a call from the
Vocational Center congratulating me for being successfully accepted to be part of Young Africa. They
also requested to meet my mother and see where was staying”.

Luís enrolled for a 12 months course in agriculture. He trained in diverse practical and theoretical skills in the field of agriculture and received complimentary education in Entrepreneurship for Agri-Business, Life Skills including Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights education as well as IT skills.

After he graduated he managed to secure an internship position at a well-known company in the area
that increased his knowledge of how the agricultural market works and where opportunities lie.

“ It was very memorable for me and my family that I had graduated from Young Africa. The skills I acquired gave me hope and a positive mindset towards my future. I started working as an intern at a local agricultural company, where I still work today as an employee’’, he mentions proudly.  Luís also highlighted that he managed to share the knowledge he gained with two of his older sisters and they are now farming their grandmother’s land and generating an income from it.

There are many young people like Luís, looking for an opportunity to change their lives. 

Join the spirit of empowerment and create impact together with Young Africa. 

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