Young Africa - Namibia

The youth unemployment rate in Namibia is high and there is a huge need for skills training. The Young Africa technical vocational training centre in Okahandja is the greenest of all YA centres, with solar energy, dry plumbing and sustainable buildings. At the centre in Okhandja students learn to deal with the day to day challenges they face and are empowered through green skills training in Solar Technology.

Young Africa Namibia was founded by the Dutch couple Yvette and Dirk Bellens. They handed over management to Olivia Namkomba, who joined Young Africa as country director in 2018 where she leads an ambitious team to bring empowerment to the lives of youth and the local community.

Young Africa Namibia began training and empowering youth in 2014,providing vocational training in solar technology. The first centre was set up as a temporary location in the coastal industrial harbour town, Walvis Bay. In 2015, Young Africa was offered a training location by the Clay House Project in Okahandja, allowing the centre to expand its training courses in green building technologies. In 2019 all of the operations moved to Okahandja, making it one fully fledged training centre. The centre focuses on green building techniques, but also allows for other demand-driven courses like computer courses and clothing production.

Young Africa Namibia is a healthy space for local youth, with after-school music & arts lessons and fun activities on Saturdays. The centre has great potential to grow by designing new courses, e.g. in Aquaponics and Liquid Soap Production, organising youth festivals and starting an internet cafe for the local community.

Our centre in Namibia has
different departments where we
offer various

  • Solar Technology Department
  • Facility Maintenance Department
  • Welding Department
  • Information Technology Department
  • Cosmetology Department