You(th) Got The Power

You(th) Got The Power

Africa has the largest population of young people in the world. Half of them are under thirty five years old of which two thirds don’t have a fixed job. We are determined to change that with our innovative and impactful programs. Our goal is to train 500.000 youth by 2025.

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You(th) Got The Power
Young Africa

We contribute to a world of equality and shared wealth by channelling the power of young people to transform the world around them.

Young Africa is a confederation of independently and locally registered affiliated branches which act as independent NGOs. Each affiliate runs training centres, youth (self-) employment programmes and community activities. We are located in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.

Annual report 2022

Our mission

Facts & Figures

  • 48,734

    students graduated from Young Africa since 2001

  • 3,592

    youths trained by YA in 2021

  • 57%

    female students in 2021

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Some Numbers
My biggest aspiration in life is to learn a trade, graduate and find paid work. I then have a purpose in life and can support those who count on me
Jonathan Josef Young Africa Namibia
Young Africa Namibia
It is proven that The Young Africa approach and franchise model works for us. We have trained youth and after graduation they have secured jobs or stated their own businesses. It is exciting to see the change in our students
Habitat Humanity in Malawi
Humanity in Malawi
During my training I stay in Young Africa’s hostel. The girls I live with became my sisters. We are one big family. We do everything together. We cook, dance and play games. Here I forget the troubles I have at home. I can be young again.
Akela Young Africa Mozambique
Young Africa Mozambique
After studying at Young Africa I have gained an interest in business studies. Apart from the studying and skills of the hand, we also gained life skills. This has been very good for me. I have realised the value of working hard to be successful.
Tafadza Young Africa
Young Africa