Young Africa International

We have two strong teams working passionately fighting against youth unemployment in Southern Africa. Our headquarters can be found at the Young Africa HUB in Harare, Zimbabwe and the supporting team in the Netherlands is based in Amsterdam.

We believe in training as many youths as possible. To help us get there, Young Africa International works with a dedicated team of experts.


Young Africa International works from two offices:

The headquarters are located at the Young Africa HUB in Harare, Zimbabwe.On a daily basis a dedicated team project manages and monitors the operations of each centre, monitors and evaluates progress and impact, controls quality and builds capacity at existing centres and acts as an advocate for youth entrepreneurship & employability skills.

The Young Africa HUB offers its experience and expertise through capacity building activities and support services to potential partner organisations.

The supporting team of Young Africa International in The Netherlands is located in Amsterdam. There they passionately work on raising funds, give technical support to the affiliates, focus on relationships with partners, PR and communications and expand the Young Africa network in The Netherlands and throughout Europe.

The two independent teams closely work on the expansion of our work through:

  •  Disseminating our tried and tested Young Africa DNA, integral approach and franchise model. In 2019 our unique model was implemented by ten other NGOs
  • Offering capacity building at various levels, including training in child protection and safeguarding policies, management and leadership and fundraising
  • Acting as an advocate for youth development and influencing governments, civil society and donors to see youth as the key to human development.