Let’s train more youth

Relevant and quality Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) have become more important than ever to address the rampant youth unemployment situation in Africa. We believe that transforming the abundant energy of youths is the best investment in the future.

Young Africa

Young Africa recognises that the youth employment challenge can only be responded to collectively. We invite you to share our vision: to train half a million youth by 2025.

We combine Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) with Life Skills education, entrepreneurship training and talent development in sports and art.

In 2017, UNESCO UNEVOC recognised the Young Africa model as a promising best practice in delivering TVET. It’s biggest advantage: creating self-sustainability for vocational education through the franchise model.

We offer to share our high-impact solution, the integral approach, the franchise model and the mobile training, to organisations working in the area of youth empowerment. Bringing you the chance to replicate our model, our success story could be yours.

Join our endeavours to train more youth in Southern Africa! Contact us at replicate.us@youngafrica.org.

What you can replicate:

The Integral Youth Development Model

We integrate TVET with Life Skills education, entrepreneurship training and talent development in sports and arts. Promote employability and responsible citizenship among youth.

The Franchise Business Model

A unique model for providers that are looking for solutions to 1) strengthening competence-based learning by combining training and production, 2) growing the financial and operational self-sustainability of their TVET centres and 3) involving local artisans in skilling the next generation.

Mobile Training

A dedicated team will set up camps in particular areas for three months to deliver TVET integrated with Life Skills education and entrepreneurship training. Through the mobile training units, we are able to target underserviced and outlying areas.

Until now

  • 369

    organisations were reached to replicate one of YA models

  • 6.643

    young people were trained by partners in integrated TVET and life skills education

  • 47%

    of our graduates had a job or were running a business, in spite of lockdown



It is proven that The Young Africa approach and franchise model works for us. We have trained youth and after graduation they have secured jobs or stated their own businesses. It is exciting to see the change in our students
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