How Vicente Raul João became a champion for peace and how he inspires others to do the same

In our latest blog series “These are our champions for peace”, students  share heir experiences as they go through training at our centers in Mozambique. These young people are trained as champions, within the project Youth Power for Peace and Prosperity, to bring change in their community. Meet our first champion: Vicente Raul João from the Sussundenga district in Mozambique. 

“I heard about the project I am currently part of, YP3, through the Foundation for Community Development working in my district. As a young person who is optimistic about life, I realised that there is more that I can to improve in my life. Before my training at Young Africa Mozambique, no vision for the future. I didn’t know what I wanted to become and I could not even dream of a better future. 

After receiving the training I feel am able to ask for help when I need it. I have become proactive in bringing in ideas and assisting other young people in my community.

With the knowledge I gained in transformational leadership, active citizenship and peacekeeping, my focus is to see my community prosper. We can develop  and grow together. Because of these gained skills I am seen as an admirable young man in my community. Through the project we held community dialogues, lectures and teachings in youth clubs. I have been selected as  mentor for teenagers and young people in my community.

My dream is to stay a mentor for young people so they can become the best version of themselves. The skills I gained are mine for ever, no one can take them away. With my gained skills I see myself helping other young people find their path which will create a better future for them.

The YP3 project is a consortium between Young Africa International, Young Africa Mozambique and the Foundation for Community Development and is funded by The European Union. The project empowers youths with increased entrepreneurship and employability skills. That way youths have the ability to raise their voice and so they become agents of change in their community.