"I believe that young people are strong and that they can change the future"

In our latest blog series “These are our champions for peace”, students  share their experiences as they go through training at our centers in Mozambique. They undergo  training through the European Union funded  Youth Power for Peace and Prosperity project and bring ultimate change in their communities. Meet our champion: Joana Alberto Liviguistone, eighth-teen years old and  from Manica District in Mozambique. 

“I was studying Agriculture at Young Africa Mozambique and finished the transformational leadership, active citizenship and peace building training facilitated by FDC. My life before the training was average, like any other young person in my community. Due to the lack of prospects I didn’t care much for anything and anyone.

I am so happy the training made me see life differently. I now believe that young people are strong and that they can change the future. We have the ability to bring change and solve problems in our communities. We have to be leaders. It’s not just about getting at the top of the world. It is knowing that you’ve won, and knowing that the path towards it has strengthened you. Young people should have peace in their hearts, peace at home, peace within their community and finally peace in the world they live in. 

I acquired technical knowledge on agriculture and livestock keeping which allows me to find paid work or start my own small business. Additionally the training in transformation leadership and active citizenship taught me to be a leader. With the help of psychosocial support in my community we were able to overcome challenges we faced in our daily life. It has helped me and my community a lot. We feel transformed and enjoyed the process “. 


The YP3 project is a consortium between Young Africa International, Young Africa Mozambique and the Foundation for Community Development and is funded by The European Union. The project empowers youths with increased entrepreneurship and employability skills. That way youths have the ability to raise their voice and so they become agents of change in their community.