Emmanuel is bringing sustainable power to everyone!

Emmanuel Chumpheo is 25 years old and born in Mount Darwin, a rural village in Zimbabwe.
With both of his parents absent and with his grandmother not able to take care of his two brothers he
was admitted to an orphanage at the age of eleven. Through the orphanage, he found out that he could receive a scholarship for studying at Young Africa.

“ I heard about the vocational training center of Young Africa in Chitungwiza and got thrilled to go. l wanted to study electrical engineering but my mentor advised me to choose solar tech instead.“ 

Due to the electricity crisis in Zimbabwe, skills in solar tech were an advantage”, Emmanuel explains.
His course took six months and he went for an internship at a big company where he installed solar
After graduation Emmanuel started his own company specializing in solar technology with the support
of his friends. They are now installing sustainable power for many people in the country. 

You(th) got the power to make a change!

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