2021: Another Year of Power, Peace and Prosperity

2020 saw our YP3 students thrive: you became active citizens with leadership capacities. You worked together to participate in peacebuilding and stability across your communities. You took on the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Since 2019, we worked together with 193 students on full TVET scholarships. We are proud to say that 30 went off to placements and another 30 went for their incubations. And in 2021, we welcome 81 new students on full TVET scholarships at Young Africa Mozambique.

We are looking forward to another year of seeing you as champions in your communities. Together we can be the change of 2021.

The YP3 project is a consortium between Young Africa International, Young Africa Mozambique and the Foundation of Development Cooperation and is funded by The European Union. The project is being implemented in Mozambique.