Devastating Effects of Cyclone Eloise: 250.000 People in Need for Support

On 23 January, Cyclone Eloise made landfall near the city of Beira with strong winds up to 150 km/h and heavy rainfalls, causing severe flooding.

Entire residential areas of Beira have been flooded and according to the UN, 76 health centres and 400 classrooms have been damaged or destroyed.

In March 2019, Beira and the surrounding Sofala region in Mozambique, were severely affected by another Cyclone: Idai. The moment Cyclone Eloise hit Beira last Saturday, the whole region was still recovering from the devastating effects of the Cyclone two year earlier.

Now more than ever, Young Africa Mozambique needs your support.

The centres in Beira and Dondo (20 km outside of Beira) operate at the heart of the community. Young Africa Mozambique does anything to repair the caused damage at its centres and build back the community. But help is needed. Your support will make a difference.

Young Africa wishes to provide psychosocial support to affected students and people from the surrounding community. Cyclones are recurring natural phenomena in Mozambique. Improving the resistance of the facilities and infrastructures of our centers, therefore, is a must.

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The pictures in this article are made by: Dilma de Faria and Peter van Tongeren ©.