The Key Ingredient for Young Mothers That Want to Gain Skills, Have a Degree and Find Paid Work

Bennini (22) and Patricia (23) found the key ingredient that changed their lives.

Both women became mothers at a very young age and were burdened with having to look after their newborns by themselves. Bennini has a lot of fun in her cosmetology training. She lives with her grandmother but due to lockdown, her grandmother could no longer look after her and her baby as her market stall was closed. Unfortunately, Bennini was forced to look after her child by herself and stopped attending lectures. The same goes for Patricia, she was not able to find another source of income to sustain her family and had to drop out of her cosmetology training to attend to her child and grandmother. 

Luckily, Young Africa Namibia stepped in and built a day care (Kindergarten) services for Bennini, Patricia and other young mothers at the centre. We spoke with Bennini and Patricia and asked them about their experiences. 

“A lot of weight was lifted from my shoulders. Young Africa did not only help me and my daughter, but the food package gave us a head start. I am able to pay attention at school and be at peace as I know my child is being looked after,” she said.

Patricia tells us, “I had given up and thought I was never going to finish my studies and my dream to own my beauty salon went down the drain. With the help of Young Africa Namibia we were able to go back to school and take care of my child. We were happy to receive the food parcels that were distributed at the centre. 


Patricia, Bennini and 38 other students of Young Africa Namibia benefitted from the food parcels and financial support they received with the help of the Postcode Loterij COVID-19 emergency response project. The project offered COVID-19 prevention plans, food security, psychosocial support counseling and offered business start-up kits and was implemented in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia over the course of three months.