These Stars Make Young Africa Shine

The Lionsclub in Heusden recently presented a check for €500.00 with the aim of buying course books for the Young Africa training center in Otjiwarongo, Namibia. These books are desperately needed because of the growing number of young people that want to follow a training well as to expand the range of courses at the centre.

Dedicated and loyal ambassadors, Ans and Antoon van de Griendt from Oudheusden in the Netherlands, started their fundraising activity years ago and managed to sell close to 4000 bottles of wines and have donated their sales to Young Africa Otjiwarongo in Namibia. Through their help students were able to take a basic courses in computer efficiency. And for orphans from the Otjiwarongo Multi-Purpose Help Center, trainings were payed.

With such generous help these young people are one step closer towards a better future.