To change his life, Beven only needed one opportunity

Beven Dendera from Kahondo village in Zimbabwe, never imagined his life could change for the better. The game changer for Beven: learning a skill. This is his story. 

Born in Magunje, in West Zimbabwe, Beven (23) lost his parents at the age of 11 years old. From then on, he had to assume the role of being a father and mother at the same time. He had to look after his five siblings, the youngest only a few months old. He decided it was best to leave school behind and focus on sending his younger siblings to school. Beven started a vegetable garden that grew enough vegetables for him to sell and make money off.

“It was not easy growing up. I was still a child but at the same time I had to look after my siblings. Someone had to grow up fast and take over. I remember that on most days we went to sleep on empty stomachs. I knew I had to change our story,” said Beven with bright eyes.

One day, Beven was enjoying a game of football when he overheard a group of young people talking. They spoke about exciting opportunities for youths. 

“I was resting after a football game when I heard other guys talking about Young Africa and Skills2Live. I heard they offer free training to youths. I knew this was the opportunity to change my life,” he said. Through Young Africa’s unique Skills2Live mobile training truck, youths from disadvantaged areas have access to training. The training simply comes to them.

All his life, Beven had wanted to be a motor mechanic. Skills2Live gave him the opportunity to become the person he wanted to be.

“The training we get is very effective. When we started in September 2020, I was raw. I knew nothing about cars, leave alone car maintenance. I didn’t even know what a bolt was, or what a car engine looked like,” he said. “I am so excited now that I can live up to my own dreams. I now have the knowledge to assist other people. After I finish my training I want to start my car service business and employ young people like myself.” highlighted Beven.

Through Young Africa’s unique Skills2Live mobile training model, youths from disadvantaged backgrounds are trained in various fields. They are empowered with access to vocational training with integrated entrepreneurship, life skills and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights education. 

Beven is among thousands of young people who benefit from Skills2Live. He is a hardworking and dedicated young person with a bright future ahead of him. He can now provide for his family, send his siblings to school and be a role model for young people around him.

Skills2Live is a consortium with Frontline AIDS, International Organization for Migration Mozambique and ideiaLab and funded by Embassy of the Netherlands in Mozambique.