"You are different, you were made to solve problems"

Meet Masego Mosokomane, student from Young Africa Botswana. She started her own business “Macey Elite Parties”. We were super excited to speak with her and hear all about her endeavours.  

“My business started through a school project.  We were asked to develop a business plan as part of our module. I stuck to it even after school. “Macey Elite Parites” does event management and décor and we have a party shop which sells party accessories. We supply throughout Botswana. Our goal is to have 10 branches in the next 5 years and have 50+ employees.

It all began in 2014 while I  was a waitress. I was passionate about arranging tables and chairs, including customer service. The challenge that I faced as a business was lack of funds to start. That didn’t stop me from becoming what I wanted. I applied for opportunities like Tony Elumelu Foundation and I won the competition and was awarded P50 000. 

COVID-19 has affected us in a very bad way. Events have been cancelled, meaning we can’t do décor, for any party or weddings. It hurts so bad. Luckily we had e a back up plan: our party shop. But I can imagine if I didn’t have the shop, what was going to happen with me? My son? My employees? My bills? 

With our party shop we supply different people from different parts of the country with party accessories, such as balloon starter packs. They sell very well but not as compared to times before COVID-19.”.


Masego’s advice to other entrepreneurs is:

Do not give up and keep fighting. Challenges are made to make you stronger. God can’t put you in a situation which you can not handle.  The reason why you thought of entrepreneurship in the beginning is that you are different, you were made to solve problems. Don’t compete because competition slows your efforts and dreams and it makes you envy people you should be learning from. 

Words of inspiration: 

Wake Up, Say a prayer and Hustle

Masego’s favorite quotes are: 

“I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.”

“Success and excuses do not go together, if you give excuses forget about success, if you want success do not give excuses. Just do it, ota ntshiwa ke mogote.”